About the Author


J. C. Stevens is the author and illustrator of the Dragon Lad series. Stevens began writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry at age five. The author’s first and favorite stories were about ghosts, witches and other spooky creatures.

A former newspaper reporter, editor and teacher, Stevens lives in Southern California where she enjoys the outdoors, photography and art as well as writing. She is currently finishing the third and final book of the Dragon Lad trilogy.

Why write this unusual series? In the author's own words:

"Dorg's story is a story in which changing is the key to survival. It’s also about accepting those who are different, including one’s own self, and at the same time making a personal effort to evolve into something better.

"My book also teaches respect for nature. It is set in Roman times, but could easily take place now, in almost any place in the world where humans and wildlife are in conflict. While I was writing the first book in the series, the rapid disappearance of wild creatures due to what scientists are calling the Sixth Extinction weighed heavily on my mind. Species are disappearing each day.

"Some form of transformation must take place in order for all creatures to continue to live on our increasingly crowded planet. Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand to turn us all from fire-breathing beasts to higher creatures. We must do that ourselves, and I encourage all my readers, young and old, to try."

Contact J. C. Stevens at info@dragonseggbooks.com.